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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Governor Jennifer Granholm Responds To City's Request For Increased State Police Presence In the City

Governor Granholm says call by some for National Guard Intervention is not warranted or necessary for this situation.

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm and Mayor Dayne Walling today announced that the city’s request for additional presence of Michigan State Police (MSP) in the city of Flint is being honored and went into effect last night.

The announcement follows a series of conference calls late Wednesday between the governor, the mayor, Michigan State Police Director Col. Eddie Washington, Jr., and Flint Public Safety Director Alvern Lock.

“Public safety is our top priority, and we stand ready to assist our local partners to ensure that citizens are protected and remain safe,” Granholm said today. “For that reason, we are honoring Mayor Walling’s request that additional resources from the Michigan State Police be made available to the residents of Flint.”

“We share the governor’s commitment to public safety, and we are grateful to the Michigan State Police increasing their presence in our city,” Walling said. “These are difficult budget times that have resulted in very difficult decisions, but with the assistance of the Michigan State Police, we can stem the tide of violence in our city.”

Beginning last night, the MSP tripled its uniform presence in the city and will work with the Flint Police Department to ensure that there is a visible law enforcement presence in the city. The Michigan State Police has been actively involved in law enforcement within the city limits, where it has maintained a uniform and investigative presence for the past five years.

There has been no request for assistance from the Michigan National Guard, which the governor confirmed is not warranted or appropriate in this instance.

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