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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mayor Dayne Walling Unviels His Top 10 Priorities For 2010

Top Ten Priorities for Mayor Dayne Walling and the City of Flint for 2010

1. Reduce crime by 10 %
The preliminary crime numbers for 2009 reflect a decrease in criminal activity in the City of Flint with the exception of murders and larceny.
Murders up 5.7%; Larceny up .1%; Rapes down 8.8%; Robbery down 13.2%;
Aggravated assaults down 15.2%; Burglary down 7.5%; Arson down 6.1%;
Motor Vehicle Theft down 19.6%; Simple Assaults down 10.2%
The goal is to decrease all crime in the city by 10% in 2010. We will achieve this through the implementation of community policing reforms and targeted neighborhood sweeps.

2. Decrease number of unemployed residents in the City of Flint
Current unemployment rate for the city stands at 26.8% indicating that more than a quarter of our residents are out of work. Our goal is to create opportunities for job growth and economic development in the community. Our hope is that at least 1 unemployed resident a day will become gainfully employed in 2010.

3. A balanced budget for 2010 and achieve the deficit elimination target of $9.1M

4. Adopt a 2011 budget that is focused on top citizen priorities

5. Spend 100% of the available federal and stimulus funds awarded to the city; these totals are in excess of $10M

6. Negotiate new contracts with all six unions to achieve cost savings and efficiency improvements

7. Through Neighborhood Action Sessions phases II and III we plan to involve 1,000 residents in the creation of neighborhood action plans and use their input for the development of comprehensive master planning for the city.

8. Help ensure a complete census count for the City of Flint
As we work to transform the city into a 21st century sustainable city with new jobs, safe neighborhoods and great schools it is critical that all residents are represented in the 2010 Census Count. This administration will work closely with census officials to get a true count of our residents with a goal of 100,000 residing in the city.

9. Continue our conservation efforts
We will work to integrate compost, recycling, sanitation and waste management to reduce our landfill usage

10. Develop partnerships with local school districts to create initiatives that promote positive youth involvement in the community

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