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Monday, November 23, 2009

Real and Raw: Flint Youth Talk About Violence With Mayor Dayne Walling

Friday afternoon Mayor Dayne Walling sat down with about 25 or 30 youth at Joy Tabernacle Church on Flint's north side. In the group was a grieving son and a grieving daughter-both of whom had lost their mothers to gun violence in a triple homicide that also took the life of another person. These two sat quiet for the most part, not having much to say. But, the rest of the group was very vocal about violence, and why so many youth are committing crimes.

During the conversation it was learned that a lot of the violence has to do with what what "hood" you are from and retaliation. They say more opportunities: recreational and employment is one way to help stem the violence and save their lives. These youth are also crying out for adults that care, and encourage them. Most of of them believe society has written them off and no one cares about their outcomes good or bad.

I left the discussion wanting to do more to help restore and repair, and heal the brokenness that so many of the young people in the community are experiencing.


  1. Many Flint Residents support your efforts to reach out and create policies that will reduce violence in Flint. What can we do to help?

  2. We are happy to know there are residents who want to be involved. There are many ways to help: Mentor child; volunteer at a Flint police mini-station; be a good neighbor; be a good parent; report crime and criminals to local police.