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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nightline In Flint

ABC News Nightline Reporter John Donvan and his producer Mary Marsh recently spent a couple of days in Flint. They were here to interview Mayor Walling and County Treasurer Dan Kildee about population decline and the shrinking city concept.

Mayor Walling does not support the concept of shrinking Flint, but has a different approach to population decline. The mayor's approach calls for recycling our land and re-purposing it in a way that adds value to our community. The mayor's vision is to establish Flint as a 21st Century sustainable city with new jobs, safe neighborhoods and great schools.

The nightline story in my opinion was disappointing. The reporter and producer spent more time on the discussion of shrinking and little time on sustaining. They failed to get both sides of the story.

Click here to view the report and make your own judgement.

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